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Free Tools for our clients

From time to time we either create or are provided access to utilities that will assist you with your CRM. We make these available to you our clients from the following download pages.

While there are no direct charges for these utilities any required support is at our usual rates. For each utility we have tried to specify which is the applicable version.

Note: Before downloading you should determine the correct version for your version of ACT!. To determine the version of the product you are using, select Help, then About ACT! from the ACT! main menu.

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Call Change History Utility

This utility will change the default Record History in ACT 2011 (Version 13) from Appointment to Call.

To-do Change History Utility

This utility will change the default Record History in ACT 2011 (Version 13) from Appointment to To-Do.

Left Align Tool

This is a Durkin Computing FREE tool for Aligning text to the left where it extends beyone the field size.



Further Tools available to our Support Clients

The following are some of the additional tools available FREE to our support clients or for a FEE to non support clients. If you are interested in any of these please let us know via the Contact us form. The following is a small range of utilities available for a range of ACT! products.




Auto Refresh

This add-on once installed will refresh the current view based on the setting you set in the preferences.


Add on Manager

Whether you have one or more add-ons installed on your system this tool allows you to turn on and off the add-ins that are running.


Alarm Clearer

If you update a database and find that previously cleared alarms return this utility will resolve this error.


Change Default Lookup field

In versions 2011 the default lookup field in the left hand toolbar is Contact. With this utility you can change it to a field that you use in your database more frequently than contact.


Change lookup default to contains.

In most versions of ACT! since 2007 the default lookup is Starts With. This utility changes this to contains making searching easier.

Add Google Maps to your Layouts

This utility allows you to modify the layouts and add a panel for the display of google map for the current contact.


This utility will allow you to give a unique number to all of your contacts or the current lookup. This can be handy for marketing campaings or similar. It could also be used to give your contacts an identifying number.


E-Mail Address Lookup

This utility provides the ability to do a lookup on a range of email addresses you provide. Perfect for returned emails

Other Options

    While all care has been taken to make sure that these utilities work as intended. the default options are as supplied. Modification may be possible for an additional FEE so write to us if you feel modifications may be required.

    If you need more details either use the Feedback form or contact us from the Contact page.


    If you found this utility helpful then fill out the Feedback Form

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