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Sage ACT! 2012 / 14
Sage ACT! 2011 / 13

This add-on may work but has not been tested on earlier versions.

Left align Tool by Durkin Computing

This FREE addon was developed to fix the text box alignment in ACT!. It forces the text boxes to display the first part of the character rather than the last part when the text string is longer than the width of the text box. I created this screen shot of the before and after.

The text boxes whose data is longer than the text box width do not display the left most characters of the Company or Contact fields. With Left Align for ACT! by Durkin installed you can read any field from the left most position if the text string is longer than the text box without increasing the size of the field.

To install the "Left Alignment" add-on click on the [Download Now] button, close ACT!, run the installer and restart. ACT!. Versions this utility has been test on:

Note: To determine the version of the product you are using, select Help, then About ACT! from the ACT! main menu.

Utility Details




Left Align Tool

This utility was created by Durkin Computing a developer of ACT! addons.

Applying the Change History Utility

    Step 1. Download the utility to your machine.

    Step 2. Save it to your desktop

    Step 3. Click HERE to download.

    Step 4. Once the download is complete double click on the utility begin the installation.

    Step 5. Open ACT! and log into your database.

    When the alignment tool is running

    When the alignment tool is available you will notice the change on fields as shown below


    Other Comments

    This utility has not been tested on Terminal Server although if installed using the terminal server install utility there is no reason why it should not be the same as a standalone system.

    All support for this utility is on a charageable basis.

    This utility is provided on an “As Is” basis


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